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Don't bail if you don't run. Everything that William talks about you can also do while walking. This episode is about how issues such as depression can be treated with movement. Check out Wiliam's TEDx talk here: Movement is medicine

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Turns out the way psychologists define humility differs from what the dictionary teaches you. Listen in to hear what humility is, what it's not, why it's useful, what researchers have learned about it and how women and men differ. 

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Can we teach businesses to put happiness and meaning at the core of what they do? Today our guest is Carlos Saba, founder of the Happy Startup School. This one is interesting for all businesses, startup or not. We learn how these companies do things differently from business as usual. 

Check out the Happy Startup School here

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Writing is one the most powerful and yet under-appreciated positive interventions that exist. Today I talk to Dr. Megan C. Hayes about making a mess, encounters on the page and why journalling as usual might not be sustainable.


Books and articles mentioned:

  • Bird by Bird by Anne Lamott
  • The new Diary by Tristine Rainer
  • Expressive Writing by James Pennebaker
  • Beyond Expressive Writing by Sophie Nicholls
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Happiness is not one thing. It contains multitudes and this episode is about pointing out various sources of happiness.

If you have an Amazon Alexa and you catch yourself coming up with reasons or doubts about meditation check out "Meditation Myth Buster". It gives you a single meditation myth which will hopefully help you to break down those barriers. I did this in the hope to get more people take the plunge and just get started on a regular practice.




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Susanna Halonen returns to the podcast with this conversation which is a meandering happiness buffet with lots of different bits to choose from.

  • The poet Hafiz
  • Evidence based theories versus interesting ideas
  • What can poetry and philosophy contribute to a good life?
  • The average scientific paper is read two or seven times (Susanna and I heard different numbers)
  • Intuition
  • Susanna's discomfort with how technology is shaping our lives and the voluntary limitations she puts on herself to ensure that she takes time for important things
  • A sin against adulthood
  • Happiness is Here, her new book
  • A controversial relationship tip
  • The happiest country in the world is where Susanna is from. She'll give us some insight into why that may be.

Learn more about Susanna and her new book Happiness is Here

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Parapsychology investigates some pretty incredible phenomena including extra-sensory perception, telekinesis and even reincarnation. Jeffrey Mishlove and I discuss what parapsychology does, its relationship with mainstream psychology and how challenging our own assumptions can help us learn things, we otherwise wouldn't have known.

If you want to dive deeper into the research he talks about you can check out his <a href="">youTube channel</a>.


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We talk a lot about the things that make us happy and are supposed to change our life. Some of us try out a bit of advice here and there but most of us don't go about it fully. Tal Gur gave himself 10 years to achieve 100 goals. Today we hear from a doer, someone who decided that he was ready to dedicate himself fully to explore and experience what a fulfilled life really means.

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This episode is mostly for professionals and students in positive psychology, HR or management. We can produce the best research in the world but if we don't go where the majority of the worlds' attention is heading, it will not matter how good we are. Whenever something new comes along, like say the internet, smartphones or even the teabag people always repeat the same reasons why it's stupid, irrelevant or dangerous (There is actually a fantastic podcast that covers this topic called The Pessimists' Archive). Then once mass adoption hits they play catch up and try to be seen in a sea of millions (Good luck starting an app in the Appstore in 2018).

That's why I hugely respect what CAPP has done. They have combined the technology of virtual reality with their expertise of personality assessment to come up with a novel product that I believe a lot of HR people will start to use in the near future. Even if you are not interested in virtual reality in itself this episode is worth listening to, as Jamie Betts explains not only, how this assessment works and why virtual reality is important, but how these kind of innovations get rolling in the first place. It's very possible that you as a researcher, executive or tech geek might get some cool ideas how to implement the ideas we talk about in your own work.

If you are a positive psychology professional or researcher I implore you to invest 5-10% of your attention to understand where the future is going and how you can get your message across in that environment. This episode is a good starting point for that.



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Certain ideas keep coming up again and again, no matter what topic we cover in the podcast. These seven concepts let you take a step back and focus on the meta ideas which help you leverage whatever kind of personal growth you are aspiring to.

If you have tried a few times to change your thoughts, but have lacked the structure and recurring practice to do it, check out Brainwash.


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