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Casper ter Kuile is on a mission to build a world of joyful belonging and one of the ways to get there are rituals. In times of trouble and change rituals can give us something to replenish our physical, mental and spiritual resources. Casper and I chat about how rituals are different from habits, how we can find rituals that really are an expression of our true self and that even the most mundane objects, such as milk cartons, can be used to engage more deeply with life. I've been wanting to chat to Casper since 2016 because he's someone who is truly invested in bringing innovation to spirituality. He is also the host of a hugely popular podcast called "Harry Potter and the Sacred Text". Long term listeners might recognize this podcast as the other creator Vanessa Zoltan talked about it back in 2016 on episode 89.

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What is happening in the US right now is an extreme version of things that have been around for hundreds or probably thousands of years. If you are confused or surprised by what’s happening in Minneapolis and other cities you need to listen.

How to be Antiracist

75 Things White People Can Do For Racial Justice


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In this episode we look at ways to steer through the crisis while accounting both for the hard and the positive. We'll look at common ways anxiety and depression take over your brain and how to replace those patterns with something more healthy.


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There's a lot to say about what is going on now: this is the first of two episodes dedicated to Coronavirus. In this episode we'll look at what it is and what issues are to be considered. In episode 119 I will look at the psychology part of things and ideas on how to respond mentally to what is happening.

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My little cousin knew how to ask for Calpol when he was like two years old. Yet when it comes to psychological wounds we are not that well informed. Meet Guy Winch who is on a mission to change that.

Watch the video and sign up for their newsletter at Represent.US


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This episode is about what we can do to not just make ourselves but society a little better. If you want to support Kiva click here:

Positive Psychology Podcast Lending Team


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